Muumin Reflective Textile Stickers 5


Reflective Moomin textile stickers - your beloved characters to keep you safe.

Lasessor's reflective Moomin Textile Stickers are designed in Finland to cheer up our dark evenings. With Moomins, you can customize your clothes and accessories with familiar characters and at the same time get the protection offered by their reflectivity in traffic. Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers provide additional safety for children and adults in a stylish and practical way. The reflective Moomin textile sticker is simple and quick to attach: it sticks best to a flat surface, for example boots, prams, bicycles, clothes and, if necessary, can be used to patch small holes in textiles etc. .

Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers are also great as a gift! If desired, the products will be delivered in a stylish gift box directly to the recipient - just add the gift delivery to your shopping cart and follow the instructions found in the description of the gift delivery!

Reflective Moomin Textile Stickers are made of durable and elastic polyester by printing the beloved Moomin figures onto a highly reflective textile. Let the Moomins protect your way! 


  • reflective Moomin textile sticker reflects light effectively
  • due to its elasticity, it is suitable not only for hard surfaces but also for textiles
  • attachment by gluing to a flat and clean surface
  • also works as a clothing patch
  • wash-resistant (up to 10x) if the textiles allow it, max. at 30 degrees
  • sheet size: 7.8x12cm, contains 5-8 individual adhesive reflective Moomin textile stickers
  • material: polyester


Moomin reflective textile stickers are official Design From Finland products

Please remember that the reflective Moomin textile sticker helps with visibility when moving outside, but it does not replace the official pedestrian safety reflector.

Use/installation instructions for reflective Moomin textile sticker:




  1. Make sure that the surface on which the reflective Moomin textile sticker is installed is clean, dry and flat.  
  2. Jotta reflective Moomin textile sticker stays, the surface to be installed must not be wet, greasy, dirty or uneven 
  3. Remove reflective textile sticker from the sheet and place evenly pressing on the surface to be glued 
  4. glue a reflective Moomin textile sticker so that no air bubbles remain under it
  5. Press/hold the reflective Moomin textile sticker evenly, pressing in place for 1-2 minutes to make sure the sticker adheres / the glue stays


  • do not wash reflective Moomin textile stickers (products they are attached to) before at least 72 hours have passed since gluing
  • reflective Moomin textilestickers (the clothes they are attached to) may be washed in water at a maximum of 30 degrees
  • do not iron reflective Moomin textile stickers with an iron, they are not made to be ironed



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