Lasessor Shine

3 Clover Lasessor Jewelry Reflector


Three lucky clovers keep you safe in the dark! This three-piece reflector is a beautiful new item in the 2021 collection that also secures your happiness.

The Lasessor jewelry reflector is designed to protect you. A beautiful jewelry reflector is a stylish way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the dark. You can use this reflector as part of casual and party wear: it's a flashy piece of jewelry during the day and a safe reflector at night.

The Lasersorshine jewelry reflector collection is designed in Finland. The inspiration for the products comes from Nordic minimalist shapes, timeless colors and closeness to nature. This stylish reflector seamlessly combines practicality, fashion and safety. 

A multi-purpose jewelry reflector is great accessory for day, evening, night. It can be worn early in the morning while walking, jogging, riding a bike, anytime outside. The reflector can be hung on clothes, bags, backpacks, strollers, dogs, wheelchairs and carts to improve visibility. It is safe to move with the reflector and it helps to avoid sudden dangerous situations.

The Lasessor jewelry reflector comes with a convenient hanging chain and a separate durable metal lock, thanks to which the reflector is easy to attach safely to the desired location. It can be hung, for example, on a jacket zipper or pocket, a trouser loop, a bag strap or lock, a beanie, a backpack, a stroller and even a dog's harness. The Lasessor jewelry reflector is a sophisticated design accessory that is beautiful, fashionable and safe at the same time. We recommend that you attach the jewelry reflector so that it can move freely to maximize safety. 

Lasessor jewelry reflectors are manufactured 3M™ Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflective material. This high-quality plastic-based product is commonly used in uniforms and safety clothing. The material is durable, waterproof, and the reflector does not break easily.  

The reflector is the perfect gift for the whole family and friends, especially when you want to protect and protect your loved ones with a beautiful reflector - to show that you care.

The desired jewelry reflector gift can be sent to the address of your choice and it is always mailed in an elegant gift package, which is included in the delivery. It is also possible to add a personal greeting to the delivery with a personalized thank you or greeting card, which is available separately from the gifts section of the Lasessorshine online store. Please remember to mention if you want individual gift boxes for each reflector.

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Tina Heiskanen

Ei pettänyt taaskaan lahjaideana lapselle!


Siis ei voi paremmin sanoa. Ihana. Kaunis ja turvallinen, itselle sekä lahjaksi

Todella kaunis

Niin upea, että tätäkin piti tilata lisää.


Kaunis, koristeellinen ja helppokiinnitteinen heijastin.
Meinasin antaa lahjaksi, mutten raaskinut.

Todella kaunis heijastin

Olin todella tyytyväinen heijastimeen. Kaunis ja näkyy kauas. Helppo kiinnittää. Tämä käy lahjaksi monenikäiselle.

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