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The beloved Moomin characters from the stories of Moomin Valley can now be found illustrated in reflectors that glow independently in the dark!

The Moomin glow reflector is a fun way to combine Moomins, elegance and safety as part of your outfit.

Glow reflectors, which have entered the market as a new product, glow without a light source in the dark and at the same time they act like traditional reflectors, strongly reflecting light back. Charge the reflector first in the light for 15-30 minutes, after which the reflector glows in the dark for 4-6 hours. The new Moomin glow reflector combines both safety and fun!

Moomin glow reflectors are safe, high-quality and certified EN17353 type-approved official safety products and are designed for the whole family. Protect yourself and your loved ones in the dark without compromising on style! The glow reflector is also suitable for the outfit during the day: it works as a beautiful piece of jewelry with any outfit.

You can use the glow reflector while walking, jogging, cycling or just about any time you are outside. The Moomin glow reflector can be hung on clothes, bags, backpacks, prams, wheelchairs and carts to improve visibility, it's simply safer to move around with!

We recommend that you attach the Moomin glow reflector so that it can move freely to maximize safety. According to general recommendations, the reflector should be used on both sides of the pedestrian to maximize safety, i.e. it would be recommended to use at least two reflectors at once.


Moomin glow reflectors that glow in the dark are made of 3M™ Scotchlite™ High Gloss reflective material. This high-quality plastic-based product is commonly used in safety clothing. The material is durable, waterproof, and the reflector does not break easily. Underneath the 3M ™ Scotchlite™ High Gloss surface film is a plate coated with a phosphorescent substance that charges in the light and glows in the dark independently - hence the name glow reflector.

The glow reflector has two attachment options: an easy-to-use metal hanging chain and a durable metal hook, so you can easily attach the reflector to the desired location.

The glow reflector can be cleverly hung, for example, on a jacket zipper or pocket, a trouser loop, a bag strap or buckle, a beanie, a backpack, a stroller and even a dog's harness. The Moomin glow reflector is a well-designed design accessory that is beautiful, fashionable and safe at the same time.

Moomin glow reflectors are official Design From Finland products.


  • High-quality pedestrian reflector
  • Certified (SGS Fimco 0598) in accordance with the EU regulation on personal protective equipment (EU2016//425) type B2 type-approved personal protective equipment that meets safety equipment standards (EN17353:2020)
  • Material: durable 3M® Scotchlite™ High Gloss pvc plastic with phosphor coating inside
  • The glow reflector reflects light very efficiently
  • Jewellery reflector that charges in the light and shines independently in the dark (phosphorescence)
  • Two easy attachment methods: a handy metal lock and a long metal hanging chain
  • With the help of a metal lock and chain, the glow reflector can be hung freely at a distance of 5-15 cm (recommendation)
  • Several ways of use, e.g. in clothes, bags, backpacks, means of transport

Are you looking for a brilliant, or maybe a shiny gift?

The Moomin glow reflector is also available in a gift box; The glow reflector is the perfect gift to protect your loved ones. Our online store also offers a gift delivery service, which allows you to order and send the desired gift delivery directly to the recipient with a personal personalized greeting from the sender!

How to use:

  • charges for 15-30 minutes in bright light, after which the reflector glows for up to 4-6 hours
  • use the Moomin glow reflector in twilight and darkness
  • the Moomin shimmer reflector hanging freely at knee height on both sides of the pedestrian is best seen
  • replace the damaged Moomin glow reflector with a new one as soon as possible
  • reflector is a visual personal protective equipment that pedestrians must use according to Finnish law when moving outside in the dark

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