Moomin Glow Sticker


New cheerfull Moomin glow stickers now available in the LasessorX Moomin online store!

Decorate and find your important objects in the dark with glowing Moomin stickers!

After 15-30 minutes of charging, the glow sticker can be seen in the dark for up to 4-6 hours!

Moomin glow stickers are made of water-resistant adhesive plastic coated with a phosphorescent substance, which charges in the light and glows in the dark independently - hence the name glow sticker.

The diameter of the round Moomin glow stickers are less than 40mm; they are suitable and can easily be glued to your phone (also popsocket), pencil case, book, notebook, means of transport, sports equipment - anything you want to be found and glow in the dark. The Moomin glow sticker can be used to brighten up or style anything that you want to stand out even in the dark - it helps objects to be found, for example, in a backpack or bag or on a bedside table. And, of course, the Moomin glow sticker makes you happy with the lovely Moomin characters even in daylight!

Moomin glow stickers are available in several different characters. In four different sticker sets, you can find Little Moomin, Moomin, Nipsu, Snuff, Niiskuneiid, Hattivat, Stinki and the Groke - collect all the beloved characters of Moomin Valley to shine around you!

Please remember that the Moomin glow sticker can also help with visibility when moving outside, but it does not replace a pedestrian safety reflector!

Moomin glow stickers are official Design From Finland products


  • the Moomin glow sticker reflects light in the dark independently
  • best suited for hard surfaces, e.g. bicycles, skateboards, helmets, phones, baby carriages - products that you want to glow in the dark
  • attachment by gluing to a flat and clean surface
  • material: water-resistant High Gloss fluorescent treated pvc plastic
  • size: 7.8x12cm, contains 6 individual adhesive round Moomin glitter stickers
The Moomin glow sticker is the perfect gift to protect loved ones; the package can fit through the mail slot, so it is easy and inexpensive to send, for example, by mail to the destination. Our online store also offers a gift delivery service, which allows you to order and send the desired gift delivery in a gift box directly to the recipient with a personal personalized greeting from the sender!

Moomin glow sticker usage/installation instructions:  


  1. Make sure that the surface on which the Moomin glow sticker is installed is clean, dry and flat.
  2. In order for the Moomin glow sticker to stick, the surface to be installed must not be wet, greasy, dirty or uneven
  3. Remove the single Moomin glow sticker from the sheet and place it evenly on the surface to be glued
  4. Glue the Moomin glitter sticker so that there are no air bubbles under it
  5. Press/hold the Moomin glitter sticker evenly, pressing in place for 1-2 minutes to make sure the sticker adheres / the glue stays
  6. Charge the Moomin glow sticker in bright light first for 15-30 minutes, then it glows independently in the dark for 4-6 hours
  7. Enjoy and enjoy the glowing Moomins independently!

The Moomins are the characters in Tove Jansson's books and cartoons, whose popularity continues year after year. You can find a wide selection of Moomin products in our LasessorXMoom online store, e.g. accessories, duffle bags, umbrellas and reflectors. Get to know our selection and find your own favorite Moomin characters in our products!

Licensed ©Moomin Characters™

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